I was writing a different post, and was rushing to get it done.  Unfortunately I have been too busy this week to do that other post justice.  So instead, this week I bring you an old note I wrote on Facebook from back in 2009 when I should have started this blog.  Without further ado, I present you with a list of animals that intelligent design people may not have seen.



En Garde 

Let’s be honest narwhals are the closest thing we will ever get to a species of Unicorn’s. These are probably the coolest sea mammal. Unfortunately, they are not the magical single horned horse that missed the boat with Noah. There is hope for unicorn’s yet… sea creatures are said to evolve to land animals (which they may be forced to when the artic circle melts), which leads me to…



Word is that they are quite active on land to boot.

These little guys use their front fines to move about on land. This is like Darwin’s wet dream, excuse the pun. These fishies said, “fuck you, mother nature, I am not going out with the tide. I am staying here and will skip across the mud. (Sidenote: according to mudskippers.org, they don’t use gils, they extract oxygen through their skin. Imagine if we could do that. They also make good pets.)



Mom didn’t get the memo that it was khaki day.

Speaking of another cold blooded creature that people think make good pets… the crocogator (lets be honest, most people have a hard time telling the difference). These guys are living dinosaurs. Birds are also a good example of living dinosaurs, but they have changed a lot more than allidiles. They said dinosaurs went extinct when a huge asteroid hit the earth. Did an asteroid really make them extinct, or did they evolve? (probably both if you asked the expert, which I am not.)



birdmammelreptile sealand creature

On to another bird evolution…the platypus. Apparently their was a swingers party held at the gene pool and 9 months later this bundle of joy arrived. Let’s look at the features… it has the nose and mouth of a duck, a body of a groundhog, feet of an otter and a tail of a beaver. Further more, its a mammal, but lays eggs. If those aren’t weird enough, some new facts I just learned (thank you wikipedia) they also are a venomous mammal (very unusual) and hunt their prey by sensing electricity in muscle contractions, the only type of animal that can do this. Brings to mind the popular sayings “Awesome” and “WTF”.



Trifecta of African animals.

The Okapi… another critter that was a result of that gene pool party. This animal does not have as many exotic features that the platypus has, but it does have an eclectic collection of body parts. Most obvious, it stole the Zebra’s legs. Also its ears look like deer, it has the body of a donkey, and the body color of a horse. Yet it looks nothing like its closest animal relative…the giraffe. I want a long neck on this animal, let’s give it a couple million years.



Pigeon vs. Bat, which one is a bigger flying rodent?

Proceeding to my last evolution master, bats. They are the only mammal that can truly fly. There are other mammals, included humans, who have mastered the art of falling gracefully such as the gliding squirrel. But nothing compares controlled flight. (Other cool bat abilities: echolocation and sleeping upside-down)


I rest my case, ladies and gentlemen.  If those six animals don’t make you believe in evolution, then nothing will.  Leave me to my science, and I will leave you to your bible.


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