This past Saturday morning I really wanted a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, so I walked to Wally’s, my local corner store.  Wally’s is a pretty terrible “food market”.  If you know the term “food desert” you would probably picture the soda, sodium, and sweets that line the aisles of Wally’s.  I am not the typical customer to say the least, but its around the corner so I find myself there sometimes.  Anyway, this weekend I paid for my sandwich (in cash to save the 50 cent credit card charge.)  As I am walking away with my handful of small bills, one of my Mantua neighbors offered me a limited opportunity to “buy his publication” for $1. Now if I gave money to everyone who asked on the streets of Philadelphia, I would be broke.  But when people are hustling for some cash by using their talents, I am more inclined to support their cause, so I bought this man’s periodical.


Wally’s Food Desert

When I started to read the April Issue of “NU Poor Righteous Teachers” by SupremeTheProfessor, I couldn’t help but notice that it needed some proof reading.  Being an engineer and a daughter of teachers, I have a thing for reviewing things with my red pen.  I hope to run into him again and offer my services as editor to his publication.  I commend SupremeTheProfessor for working hard on his list, and I look forward to the May issue.  Without further ado, I bring you my edits for the Hood Forbez List.  I hope that this will serve as a reminder that grammar is important for any successful piece of writing regardless of the presented content.

Forbez List Edited-2018-0414 Page 001Forbez List Edited-2018-0414 Page 002Forbez List Edited-2018-0414 Page 003


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