Deaths of 2017 Ranked by the F**ks I Give

Another year gone by, and you know what that means...its time to rank the people who didn't live to see 2018.  There were the expected deaths.  The TV stars who were so old you forgot about them.  Or the gone-before-their-time music artists that "surprised" us despite a brazen rock and roll lifestyle.  And then there were…Read more Deaths of 2017 Ranked by the F**ks I Give


In Other Words

There are approximately 470,000 words in Webster's Dictionary.  Only 6% of these words are regularly used by native English speakers.  An average adult's working vocabulary is around 30,000 words, plateauing around middle age.  I think my working vocabulary tends to be in the upper percentiles, thanks to being a weird kid who liked to casually…Read more In Other Words